Rap the Legal Facts

Let’s talk about the law, let’s talk about the truth; From Canada to Japan, there’s so much to sleuth. Is dicamba legal in Canada, what the laws have to say? If you want to know the answer, just make sure you stay.

When it comes to health, and insurance too; common ownership rules are what we’ll go through. Whether it’s small business grants, or the Paris Agreement cost; The legal facts we’ll uncover, no detail will be lost.

With many areas of law, the options are vast; In Japan, 2021, the tattoo laws were cast. For tech excellence and sports betting too; The legal landscape is rich, so much to view.

But does Georgetown Law demand an LSAT? And how about mediation agreements, what’s the context of that? With so much to know, and so much to learn; The legal system is complex, with many twists and turns.

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