Legal Rap: From Legal Reasoning to Attraction and Repulsion

Yo, listen up, let me drop some legal knowledge on you,

From an introduction to legal reasoning to the laws of attraction and repulsion too,

If you need to remodel, check out these remodeling contracts and templates,

But if you’re stuck with Directv, here’s how to cancel it after the contract without any legal troubles,

What happens on the exchange of contracts day? Let me give you the legal lowdown,

If you’re in Cleveland, TN, and need help, there’s legal aid to be found,

When it comes to education loan interest, is it tax deductible? Let me share my legal analysis, man,

Looking to study law? Here’s a list of the top law schools in England that’ll give your career a hand,

And don’t forget to understand the laws of attraction and repulsion, it’s all part of the master plan,

For a good read, check out this book review of The Four Agreements, it’s a legal perspective that’s nothing but true,

And finally, if you need a joint development agreement PDF, I got the legal templates for you,

So there you go, my legal rap is done, hope you enjoyed the legal fun!

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