Legal Raps

Legal Raps: Understanding the Legal World

Yo, listen up, we’re gonna drop some legal knowledge
From conditional discharge to what’s up with college
Altarac Law Firm got the expertise
To guide you through the legal maze with ease

Can a new LTD company get credit?
It’s a question we all wanna know
From construction contracts to gun law restrictions
We’ve got the answers to make your mind blow

What’s the deal with legal size paper, you ask?
We’ll break it down for ya, no need to wear a mask
And don’t forget about that NATO SOFA supplementary agreement
It’s part of the legal world, don’t let it make you an alien

From intellectual law to EV requirements
We’ve got the lowdown, so don’t despair
And if you’re thinking of recording that chat with your boss
We’ll tell you if it’s legally kosher or if it’s a loss

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